Treatments & Prices

Treatments & Prices

Sports Massage                                                              

60 minutes – £35.00   

Holistic Massage                                                                   

A deeply relaxing, soothing, de-stressing massage. Rejuvenates, helps to increase circulation, relieves tension and aching muscles. A combination of techniques incorporating deep tissue work and joint mobilisation.

60 minutes – £35.00   

Aromatherapy Massage                                                           

A blend of therapeutic essential oils chosen to meet your needs. Deeply relaxing, eases muscle tension, clears out remnants of colds and many other symptoms.

45 minutes – £35.00 

Aromatherapy Blending                                                          

Therapeutic blending oils for therapeutic purposes, ease aching muscles, minimise the occurrence of acne, headaches, tummy complaints, stress, travel sickness and so on. In fact essential oils can be used to ease symptoms and help with almost any condition both medical and emotional.

From £15.00

Hot Stones Massage                                                       

60 minutes £35.00

Warm Bamboo Massage                                                       

60 minutes £35.00

Back & Shoulder Massage                                                       

30 minutes £20.00

Head Massage                                                       

45 minutes £25.00

Pregnancy Massage                                                                

Great for back pain relief, helps promote sleep. Stress relief and can help reduce labour compilations.

60 minutes – £35.00 

Crystal Healing                                                                             

A form of vibration and healing involving applying crystals to the body to balance chakras and aura and helping energy flow.

45 minutes – £25.00

Fully Insured. DRB Checked. First Aid Qualified. Member of MTI and FHT.


As with all complementary therapies they are not a substitute for medical diagnosis.